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Acting portfolio


Directed by Sammi Freeman

A young couple attends a weekend retreat in hopes to resolve their lack of understanding in each other. Little do they know something is watching and following their every move.


The Director's Always Right

A first time director prepares to direct their lead actor for an upcoming horror film. Unfortunately, they lack the experience, knowledge, and understanding of how to direct an their actor.



Directed by Maggie Frace

A short film in a fantasy like world where wizards, witches, knights, and magician must fight to together to save the world.

Spring Break for Student

A commercial voice acting demonstration that I recorded and edited using Adobe Audition. My character's intentions are to energize and direct the listeners attention to their promotional offer.

Spring Break for Students - Voice Over S
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Lip Sync

Music Video Parody

A parody music video about an obsessive ex-girlfriend that strives to keep her past relationship alive. This video was filmed over the summer of 2019 and stars Becky Jo Harris and Jeffrey Hack


3 Types of Auditions Tapes

Directed by Marcus Juno

A compilation sketch about various personality types auditioning for a feature film.


Directed by Katelyn Houston

A young women receives anonymous letters from a secret admirer. But these letters seem a little much for just a crush.

The Creep Never Sleeps

Directed by Jeffrey Hack

A spoof on John Carpenter's Halloween. Several years have passed since Michael Myer's prison sentence. Unfortunately there's no such thing as keeping Michael from harms way.


Directed by Jeffrey Hack

When a young man find out about spirits  trapped in the walls of his church, he must stop at nothing to set their curse free.

The Director's Always Right