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Video Production Services

As a content creator, Jeffrey Hack offers a variety of professional video services for clients looking to create fun, engaging videos for YouTube and other social media platforms.

Types of Services

Music Video







Video Gear

Candy Cotton

Outback Cutting Horse Commercial

This was a commercial shot and edited for Tucson Outback Cutting Horse Association to promote their next cutting horse event. The video was shot on a Galaxy A52 camera and later edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

The voice narration was recorded with my Deity S-Mic 2S Super-Cardioid Condenser Microphone. The audio mixer used was my Zoom F6 audio mixer.


DSLR Cameras

- Canon EOS M50

- Canon T6 EOS Rebel


- Neewer LED Lights (x2)

- Neewer Ring Light (18")

- HPSUN Photography Light Kit


- Mactrem Tripod/Monopod

- Raubay Tripod

Image quality

- 4K Resolution

- 1080p HD Resolution

- 120 fps @ 720p HD

- Slow Motion

Horse Camp Promotion Sketch

Short skit which I wrote, directed, filmed, and acted in to promote the Amazon Prime Video series Horse Camp. The video was shot using a Canon M50 camera and recorded the video in 23.97 FHD.

For the first scene I used two soft boxes for lighting up the environment. I also connected my Deity D4 Duo Microphone which records audio directly from the camera.

All still shots were shot using my Mactrem Tripod, which also serves as a monopod. After production, the video was later edited by Mia James.

YouTube Videographer for

The Skorys

Worked as one of the camera operators for a YouTube video that took place at the world's largest bounce house. All sorts of video influenced joined together in a game hosted by Cole Skory that would leave only one person as the winner.

Shot the video using my Canon M50 mirrorless camera at 30 fps (frames per second) in 1080 HD.

Product Reviews

Examples of product reviews created by Jeffrey Hack Media and uploaded to the YouTube channels, Jeff Makes Films & Jeffrey Hack Music. These videos demonstrate and explain the value of specific production equipment.

Cutting Horse
Documentary Series

Documentary series created by Jeffrey Hack on the cutting horse community of Arizona and why riders enjoy participating at cutting events.

This documentary was created to educate individuals and aspiring riders about the sport of cutting horse and why many riders continue with the sport today.

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